May 18, 2017

Teaching and non-teaching staff

Incoming staff should send the following forms to the email address proposing mobility scheme/agreement: or

Application form

Mobility Agreement – TEACHING

Mobility Agreement – TRAINING

Mobility Agreement for training_KA107 (Izrael)

Mobility Agreement for Teaching – KA107 (Izrael)

For staff traveling from Izrael (measure KA107 – Partner countries) the procedure is as follows:

1. Staff member contacts institutional Erasmus coordinator ( and sends their field of interest. Host is found at the Polytechnic. Mobility Agreement for training KA107 is filled depending on the mobility type. Staff member receives Acceptance letter from the Polytechnic and signs Financing agreement with the Polytechnic and will receive financial grant upon arrival in Croatia.
2. When staff member arrives in Croatia we will open for them Croatian OIB or English PIN (Personal Identification Number) number by filling this form We will do that for staff member upon arrival in Croatia.
3. A bank (giro) account for foreigners with OIB will be opened for staff member in Croatia. This is necessary because this is the only way to pay a staff member their grant. Upon withdrawal of money from the giro account it will be closed in a bank.
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